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  • RESCUE APPARATUS RESCUE APPARATUS Rescue trucks are available on commercial or custom chassis from KME Fire Apparatus. KME offers a light duty, .medium duty and heavy duty rescue models. Body lengths in each category are available in custom lengths, but can be changed in 1.00” increments, and are fully customizable. The Morris County HazMat Team has chosen KME to build their heavy duty custom walk in rescue body to fit their needs.
  • AERIAL APPARATUS AERIAL APPARATUS KME AERIALCAT ladders are available on custom KME chassis and available in multiple configurations. KME offers Aerialcat straight ladders in 79ft, 103ft, 109ft and 123ft models. KME’s Aerialcat Midmount tower ladders are available in an 81ft, 95ft and 100ft models. The Aerialcat Rearmount Tower Ladders are available in a 102ft model. The KME tractor drawn aerials are available with a 101ft Aerialcat straight ladder. KME also offers a 55ft or 75ft Fire Stix that can be rated as a pumper or aerial. The Borough of Highlands (Monmouth County) has chosen a KME Predator “Severe Service” chassis and an 81ft Midmount Aerialcat Tower Ladder as their aerial device of choice.
  • PUMPERS PUMPERS Pumpers are available on a custom or commercial chassis from KME Fire Apparatus. KME’s custom bodies can be manufactured from galvanneal steel, 3/16” aluminum or 3CR12 or 304L stainless steel. KME offers several body styles, lengths and types of pumper bodies to fit almost every customers needs. KME’s FLEX body line is endless and our Legacy and Challenger series bodies are production bodies that have limits to their options list. The South Old Bridge Fire District #3 has chosen a 3CR12 stainless steel Predator “Severe Service” cab and flex body to meet the needs of their response area.
  • INDUSTRIAL FOAM UNITS INDUSTRIAL FOAM UNITS KME offers a full line of Industrial foam units which include Engines, Tenders and Aerial devices. All of these units can have the capability of utilizing high capacity foam pumps. Our industrial aerials have the capability of flowing 3000 g.p.m. out of its elevated tower ladder device. The Carteret Fire Department (Middlesex County) utilizes this 4000 gallon foam tender which is equipped with a fire lion pump capable of delivering up to 6000 G.P.M. of foam solution.
  • WATER TENDERS WATER TENDERS Water tenders are available on a commercial or custom chassis from KME Fire Apparatus. KME tenders are available with Elliptical (stainless, poly or fiberglass), Eliminator, “T” Sytle and Wetside type tanks. The KME commercial line is available on International, Mack, Freightliner, Kenworth, Peterbilt or any other brand of commercial chassis that is available. The Franklinville Fire Company (Gloucester County) has chosen a Peterbilt 367 Long Nose, custom KME-LX elliptical tender as their apparatus of choice.
  • WILDLAND UNITS WILDLAND UNITS KME Fire Apparatus offers a wide range of wildland units that are available on a custom KME chassis or on a commercial chassis platform. Quick Attack brush units, Mini Pumpers, Interface Units and the Ridgerunner (NFPA 1901/1906) are all part of the wildland division at KME. Upper Deerfield Township (Cumberland County) operates this International Ridgerunner to combat their Wildland and Structural firefighting needs.
  • REFURBISHED UNITS REFURBISHED UNITS KME Fire Apparatus has the ability to refurbish your apparatus. What does refurbishment mean to you? It could be as little as updating your current apparatus with new lights, a fresh paint job to a complete re-chassis of your apparatus. The rescue shown above was originally built on a Ford commercial chassis. The unit no longer met the needs of the fire district and was remounted onto this custom KME chassis. The unit was brought back to “like new” condition for a fraction of the cost of new unit. Woodbridge Fire District Number 4 (Middlesex County) operates this KME Predator “Panther” chassis with a refurbished walk-in rescue body.
  • TYPE II AMBULANCE TYPE I AMBULANCE Type I ambulances are available on a Chevrolet, Ford, Dodge, International, Freightliner or Kenworth chassis. Module lengths area available in multiple lengths dependent on manufacturer models. Type I rigs are prominent in urban settings, or areas that require 4x4 capabilities. Vernon Township (Sussex County) has chosen a Braun Signature Series Type I as their ambulance of choice.
  • TYPE II AMBULANCES TYPE II AMBULANCES Type II ambulances are available on a Ford “E” series chassis which utilizes a gasoline powered motor, or one Chevrolet “G” series chassis which offers a diesel powered motor. These types of ambulances are commonly used by the paid transportation providers.
  • TYPE III AMBULANCE TYPE III AMBULANCE First Priority Emergency Vehicles remounts ambulance modules from older chassis onto new ones. This 1997 Braun Type III ambulances are available on a Chevrolet “G” (diesel motor) and Ford “E” (gasoline motor) series cut-a-way style chassis. Module lengths are available in multiple lengths dependent on manufacturer models. Type II ambulances are the most common ambulances sold in New Jersey. North Stelton Fire Company has chosen a Road Rescue Ultramedic which is based on a Ford E-450 chassis.
  • FIRST PRIORITY RENAISSANCE REMOUNTS FIRST PRIORITY RENAISSANCE REMOUNTS First Priority Emergency Vehicles offers it own line of Renaissance remounts. We take your existing ambulance module off an older chassis and remount it onto a new chassis. We also maintain a stock of remounted ambulance s available for immediate purchase. This Road Rescue Promedic was remounted onto a Chevrolet 3500 HD chassis. After completing the remounting process, which included new exterior paint, updated module, interior/exterior updates provde a “Like New” appearance. By choosing a remount versus new, the end user stands to save a substantial amount of money when compared to purchasing a brand new ambulance. The Elizabeth Fire Department, one of New Jersey’s largest city’s operates a fleet of Renaissance Remounts.
  • CONVERSION DIVISION CONVERSION DIVISION First Priority Emergency Vehicles has a specialty vehicle division that offers conversions for the Fire, EMS and Law Enforcement communities. Conversions are available on any platform which the customer requests. Chevrolet Tahoe’s and Suburban’s, as well as Ford Expeditions and Interceptors are common chassis for this type of vehicle. Our conversions are specified around the needs of the customer. The North Branch Fire Company has chosen the Chevrolet Suburban and First Priority as their conversion specialists.
  • Barangay Quick Responders (BQR) Barangay Quick Responders (BQR) All the fire fighting power of a full size pumper in the compact form of a nimble John Deere UTV!




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When Lives are on the line, your vehicle should be First Priority!

Our seasoned staff of sales professionals represent such industry leaders as Road Rescue, Braun Industries, McCoy Miller, Marque Incorporated, KME Fire Apparatus, and Custom Works here in the Garden State, as well as our own offering of custom-crafted emergency vehicle remounting, our line of Renaissance Ambulances, the BQR compact fire apparatus and SUV command unit conversions throughout the Northeast. 

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  • Remounts ~ Vehicles are expensive. You have the perfect box. You love how it works, but the truck has seen better days. Keep the parts you like, replace the parts that are failing, and save a ton of money! Nobody does Remounds better than First Priority!
  • First Responder or Special Service Vehicle ~ Whether you want to repurpose an older vehicle or convert a brand new vehicle to meet your needs, we have more experience, better ideas, and offer more options. We welcome the challenge to create your perfect service vehicle.
  • Fire Fighting Vehicles ~ When the fire gets hot, you'll be happy to have a First Priority Fight vehicle at your back! We offer KME's custom line of pumpers, ladder trucks, tankers, reel trucks, and every other special function vehicle you'll need to save lives and property.
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When lives are on the line, your vehicle should be First Priority.